Sherry and I renovated our 100 year old barn into a winery and gift shop in 2007. Commuters on North MacArthur may remember the llamas and the angora goats as they grazed near the fence.
Wine­mak­ing is a won­der­ful hob­by.

We en­joy meet­ing neigh­bors, mak­ing friends, and shar­ing ex­per­ienc­es with fel­low wine­makers; and look for­ward to ex­plor­ing the ven­ues open­ed by our new com­mer­cial li­cen­se.
 OB/Gyn & Vintner 
Welcome, I'm Gary Strebel, a practicing OB/Gyn physician, I've been a hobby winemaker for over ten years, until July of 2007 when I was licensed commercially to produce and sell to the public.

My wife Sherry runs the gift shop.
 Shop & Winery 
My winemaking turned a little more serious after Sherry ran me out of our kitchen. I was taking up too much room and making too big a mess.

We had a huge barn on the other side of Spring Creek (which we renamed Strebel Creek) and decided to make use of it for our wine-making activities.

Its taken a couple of years of dealing with all the governmental agencies to get our commercial license; now we are ready to go.
We moved to our home on North MacArthur over 30 years ago, where we reared three daughters, Susan, Julie, and Jennifer, and raised a variety of animals.