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We specialize in small business websites.

We do not simply cobble together a website. We create a highly integrated website that is optimized to market your company.

It takes time for clients to know what they want. We do not start programming until the website design is settled, because it can take almost as much work to add a little thing like a logo or something that the website owner had forgotten to mention as it does to write the whole website.

This requires work on the part of the website owner. After they have some idea of what they want, then we have them email us an outline of what they want and the highest quality photos and artwork that they have. The best outline is a pre-existing website; because they've actually planned and designed and taken the time to try different layouts, fonts, images, colors, etc. Another good method is to draw a sketch showing the layout, colors, images and text. If you use paper and pen, you can photograph the pages and email us the photos. That works well too. Taking the time to do this before starting on the website saves a lot of trouble and expense later.

We have had trouble with people who do not really know what they want. Many companies do not honor contractual obligations; and I'm not the kind of person who sues others; so we require a nonrefundable deposit before beginning the work.

It usually takes 1 to 3 days to research and compile website specific information for your company and industry. This information allows us to understand your competitors and create a website design that integrates this marketing strategy. This information handles a lot of the behind the scenes details.

One important thing it does is it tells search engines how to catalog the pages in your website. It is required for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. To be effective, this information must be integrated design of the page, so it requires the website programmer to rewrite the text on the page.

For this reason, the website designer should give design outlines to the programmer; but the programmer should be in charge of changing the text, graphics, and layout of the page. Otherwise it is easy to destroy the effectiveness of the entire SEO process.

Many websites go from getting thousands of hits per day to getting dozens of hits per day because the owner decides to do it himself after a successful SEO and marketing campaign.

After the design is finalized, we create a page template. Using a single template with static text and images improves the speed at which pages load; and helps search engines catalog each page.

It also provides your website with a polished look and feel because the layout is standardized for each page.

Everything on the website must be integrated. Pictures have to be a certain format, size, dots per inch, contrast ratio, and color pallete. Text must be consistent. Headers, footers, and logos should be static so the browser can cache them. The code must be integrated and even reused modularly between pages. SEO has to be part of the overall design. Everything must be taken into account from the beginning.

Because of the integration, we do not allow our clients to edit their own websites. You are highly encouraged to do that on Facebook and other social networks, and we will link your site to those pages.

Since we use such a high level of integration, we also do other things like draw the company logo as a vector if they do not already have one in that format. This costs between $200 and $450. A vector can be scaled to any size and it maintains the same quality. The vector can be used by any graphic design company and print shop. If you have ever had a sign printed then you probably have the correct artwork, but for some reason, not many people keep their company's artwork. Sometimes we redo their logo as an animated GIF. This can help direct the user's eye to specific things. For example, an on-line ordering system can be set to delete the order after 15 minutes if the user stops responding. An animated logo might help to keep their attention on the page, because it reminds them to finish what they are doing in a timely manner.

We also handle all copywrite details. We will not engage in unethical practices, such as producing a website using copywritten photos unless written authorization is obtained from the copywrite holder.

If your company cannot provide acceptable artwork then we provide graphic art and photography services. We reserve the right to refuse the job and keep your deposit if quality images are not provided within a reasonable time, and you are not willing to pay us to develop them. If artwork is supplied, there may be charges associated with integrating it into the website. This will be discussed up front before any decisions are made.

The reason we ask for the highest quality photos available is because they need to be more than just cropped to fit in the space. The high resolution photos should all be edited at the same time, so they have a similar look and feel. We usually write an algorithm and apply it to all the photos at the same time. We adjust their color pallete, color format, colors, color levels, contrast, and DPI. We also clean up the photos as needed. Then we add any subtitles or animation. We archive the original and this high quality edited version. Then we use the archived files to generate the website photos as needed. Website photos are optimized for the web; they are smaller, around 72-120 DPI, cropped, and may even have different color palettes.

When everything is done right, after a few months, your page will be in a top rank among search engines, unless you have a lot of competition in that industry. Our websites are usually listed in the first 2 pages of the search engine. If there is a lot of competition, then it may require an advertising budget of around $250/month for advertising services.

The SEO process never really ends, because there are always unethical people coming up with some way to subvert the system. Sometimes we run into problems, like "link farms" which are unethical websites that use your website's name to divert search engines from listing your website on the first page. These problems must be reported to the search engine so that they can take steps to stop those illegal or unethical practices.

You have to be careful about SEO companies. We actually keep an eye on our client's campaigns and tweak them as needed. Many SEO companies charge $1500 to do a one-time optimization and then never look at your website again. We also compile the search data each year and analyze the most effective way to use our clients advertising dollars.

Everything is done for a reason. It is extremely detailed work. Even our logo at the bottom of the page serves a purpose. It helps with SEO and advertises that the website uses current CSS, HTML, and W3C standards. It gives people a link to index all of our clients at one time, and it is written as a module with the TOS (Terms of Service) and Privacy statements, so that they are automatically included in the website, along with copyright and company structure info. Sometimes this information is required by law, it depends on the type of company and website. The TOS costs $1500 if you buy it from a law office; but it is included in our website price.

As you can see, producing an effective website is complicated; and these are just a few of the main points, not the details.
JSL Enterprises consists of five autonomymous production facilities; Imaging, Audio, Engineering, Programming, and Publishing. This is our test server.
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